Restoring Well-Being

Watching a resident who has for months shuffled along in a wheelchair suddenly stand and begin taking steps will put a smile on anyone’s face.

It’s akin to watching a baby take their first steps. They know they have accomplished something big and you know it’s the first of many more accomplishments to come. A step is a small thing but it symbolizes a complete change in a resident’s physical ability level, confidence and often attitude.

The Bethany Home Association restorative department works daily to help residents meet and retain their optimal physical ability level.

Residents participate in a group tai chi class offered by the Bethany Home restorative department.

Residents participate in a group tai chi class offered by the Bethany Home restorative department.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “Restorative care is a philosophy of care that focuses on restoring and maintaining nursing home residents at their highest possible functional and physical status, given underlying conditions.”

Many people believe encouraging aging adults to relearn standing, walking and other skills puts them at risk for “falls and associated trauma.” But Bethany Home believes – and research has proven – that restoring physical ability helps residents become stronger, more confident and at a low risk for falls and trauma. Not all nursing homes offer restorative care.

Bethany Home’s restorative services include both one-on-one work and group exercise classes. The department’s basement space offers a variety of toys and activities that couple fun and physical activity. With work and assistance, residents who previously used only a wheelchair can begin walking with a walker for short distances or begin to put on their own shoes again. They are small milestones but always wonderful to watch.


She’s Backkkk!!!

Our wonderful artist-in-residence Michaela Valli Groeblacher is back at work at Bethany Home. The talented sculpture artist is hard at work, created life-like works of art resembling Bethany Home residents. Residents and staff alike are excited to have her back in action!

Michaela Valli Groebalcher

Her works of art take time and patience but the end products never fail to amaze. Several of our residents have posed for Michaela. Today, Michaela gets back to work on a second sculpture of one of her favorite subjects, Lola.

We are always happy to have Michaela at Bethany Home and look forward to seeing more of her work and creativity. Lear more about Michaela and her many works of art at:

Full House For Ice Cream

It was a very full house and standing room only Sunday as residents, family members and the community gathered at Bethany Home Skilled Nursing Facility to enjoy cake, ice cream and fellowship.

The Bethany Home ice cream social is an annual event that attracts and feed hundreds. The homemade ice cream is hand-churned by staff and residents and served by staff and members of the Bethany Home Association Board of Directors.

In addition to cake and ice cream, entertainment was provided by The Sisters of Hope choral group and Bill Einfeldt, with his balloon fun.

Bethany Home always enjoys bringing in family members and the community for food and fellowship. This is just one example of Bethany’s continued outreach to the Lindsborg community.

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Knowing The News

Bethany Home likes to be in the know and staff like to help residents remain as mentally active and up-to-date as possible. Be it a local festival or world-wide crisis, we want to know the who, what, where and when!

Bethany Home activities staff member Karol Carr, center, reads the Friday issue of the Salina Journal to residents in the Bethany Home sun room Friday before lunch.

Bethany Home activities staff member Karol Carr, center, reads the Friday issue of the Salina Journal to residents in the Bethany Home sun room Friday before lunch.

There’s never a dull moment in the news cycle so there is always something for us to read and discuss. Each weekday, the Bethany Home activities staff reads local newspapers and covers the day’s news and events. Once a week, a current events activity allows residents to learn more about a specific topic or issue. 

Sharing Her Talent

Clara Leisher 1-edited

Clara Leisher has found a hobby that both keeps her busy but results in something she can share with others.

About 20 years ago, Clara learned to stitch on plastic canvas from her mother. She has retained the hobby ever since and recently has been busy creating Bible covers for family, friends and Bethany Home staff.

“It’s been fun to get back into it,” she said.

Through the years, Clara has stitched covers for canisters, baby dolls, Kleenex boxes, Bibles and a variety of other objects. She has also created landscape scenes, in which she didn’t use a guide and instead took a free-hand approach.

“You name it, I’ve done it,” Clara said.

Her favorite project is a set of placemats she stitched and gave to her daughter to be used by her grandchildren. In fact, all of her grandkids have been given a variety of objects created by Clara.

“It keeps me interested,” Clara said noting that it takes her about three days to create a cover for a large Bible.

Staying Cool

Summer is finally upon us! The mercury is predicted to hit the century mark the next few days which means staying cool is a must.


There are several things to consider when battling squelching summer heat. Below are tips for seniors to stay cool this summer:

  • Drink plenty of liquids and eat fruits and vegetables containing lots of fluid. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea or alcohol, since these will dehydrate you.
  • If you live in a home or apartment without fans or air conditioning, follow these steps to lower your chance of heat problems:
    • Keep windows open at night to allow cool air to pass through. Keep windows open during the day for cross ventilation, but put up a sheet or light curtains to block out the sun’s heat.
    • Consider investing in a portable air conditioning unit. They’re cheap and easy to use.
  • Pay attention to the weather report. You’re more at risk as the temperature or humidity rise or when there’s an air pollution alert.
  • Dress in cooler natural fabrics such as cottons rather than synthetic fibers. Also, remember that light-colored clothes reflect the sun and heat better than dark colors.
  • Avoid crowded places when it’s hot outside and plan trips during non-rush hour times.

– Source: Brooklyn Hospital Center

If you find someone suffering from prolonged heat exposure move them to a shaded or aid conditioned location. Apply cool, damp clothes to their skin to help the cooling process and encourage them to drink water and other hydrating fluids.

If you do not have access to air conditioning or cannot maintain a comfortable environment and consistent water supply, we urge you to find a location where you can do both. Bethany Home Association welcomes seniors in need of a cool, secure environment for the summer months. Come stay with us and enjoy summers in the air conditioning.

BHA Awarded Tax Credits

Bethany Home Association (BHA) was one of 25 non-profit organizations in Kansas to be awarded tax credits under the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Service Tax Credit Program (CSP).

As the result of a competitive application process, BHA was awarded $215,000 in tax credits to be used for the development of its new Homes Plus care facility in Assaria. Upon completion, the facility will accommodate up to 12 residents, providing industry-leading healthcare while allowing seniors to remain in their community.

“Community Service Tax Credits support the fund-raising efforts of organizations that help make Kansas a great place to live,” Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. “The non-profits receiving CSP awards serve communities all across our state by providing a wide range of services that enhance the quality of life and create economic opportunity.”

The CSP program provides non-profits tax credits, which are worth 70 percent in rural communities such as Lindsborg.  The credits allow donors to financially contribute to a project at a much lower cost.  A donor making a $1,000 donation would receive a $700 refundable tax credit to be used against their Kansas income tax liability.

“We were excited to receive the news of the tax credits,” Dale Hoosier, Bethany Home Association development director, said. “This provides us with a unique opportunity to raise funds for our new Assaria homes plus project. Bethany Home looks forward to delivering quality, Christ-centered healthcare to residents of rural McPherson and Saline counties.”

Terrace Touch-Ups

Bethany Home has always offered a unique amenity to all resident – a room with a view. More specifically, a room with an exterior window that faces either the outside world or one of our two interior courtyards.

We use our courtyards for social gatherings, games and outdoor relaxation. Our west courtyard includes a patio and terrace, providing shade and benches for enjoying the fresh, outdoor air.

Our activities department has taken on the terrace as a summer project, with the goal of bringing flowers, veggies and decor to the outdoor space.

Our planters are looking great!

Our planters are looking great!

Thanks, in part, to a Healthy Living Grant from the Smoky Valley Community Foundation, we have new planters that have allowed resident to help in the planting and tending of our flowers and produce.

Bethany Home resident Bob Corbin crafted the birdhouse that accompanies our tomato plants.

Bethany Home resident Bob Corbin crafted the birdhouse that accompanies our tomato plants.

Bethany Home resident Bob Corbin lent a birdhouse he crafted from scratch to our outdoor space. In addition, tiles decorated with summer-time images, have also been hung throughout the area.

We've decorated the posts of our terrace with fun tiles.

We’ve decorated the posts of our terrace with fun tiles.

Finally, our sunflowers have bloomed for another summer and are growing taller by the day. They are one of the favorite summer-time sightings here at Bethany Home and always bring back memories for our resident.

The sunflowers are reaching high, stretching to catch the Kansas sun.

The sunflowers are reaching high, stretching to catch the Kansas sun.

We welcome you to come visit Bethany Home and enjoy our outdoor space. And on those days it’s just too hot, all of our flowers and tiles can be seen from the comfort of our sunroom.

Bethany Home To Host Caregivers Program

Bethany Home Association to Host Powerful Tool for Caregivers

The Bethany Home Association has partnered with the McPherson County Research and Extension Office to offer the Powerful Tools for Caregivers (PTC) course for current caregivers or those that are considering providing care for an elderly family member or loved one.

The Powerful Tools for Caregivers program is an evidence-based education program offering a unique combination of elements. During the six weekly classes, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to: reduce personal stress; change negative self-talk; communicate their needs to family members and healthcare or service providers; communicate more effectively in challenging situations; recognize the messages in their emotions and deal with difficult feelings; and make tough caregiving decisions. McPherson County Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent Jana McKinney will be leading the program.

The courses will be held from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday from Aug. 19 to Sept. 23 at the Bethany Home Värdshus Assisted Living, 821 E. Swensson, Lindsborg. Classes are free to attend and include a meal and respite care during class times. The course is made possible by a grant from the McPherson County Community Foundation.

To register or for more information contact Katie Sawyer at Bethany Home, 785-227-2334 ext 139 or




Celebrating Milestones

We love celebrations at Bethany Home, especially those honoring accomplishments by our residents and staff.

Last week, the staff helped Deloris and Paul “Corky” Malm celebrate the 50th anniversary of their construction company, Malm Construction. The couple started with a used bulldozer and lot of faith and grew the company into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Nurses with cake

The Bethany Home skilled nursing home staff helped the couple mark the big day with t-shirts and a cake, designed special for the occasion.

Read more about the Malms and their company at

Corky and Deloris