Sharing Her Talent

Clara Leisher 1-edited

Clara Leisher has found a hobby that both keeps her busy but results in something she can share with others.

About 20 years ago, Clara learned to stitch on plastic canvas from her mother. She has retained the hobby ever since and recently has been busy creating Bible covers for family, friends and Bethany Home staff.

“It’s been fun to get back into it,” she said.

Through the years, Clara has stitched covers for canisters, baby dolls, Kleenex boxes, Bibles and a variety of other objects. She has also created landscape scenes, in which she didn’t use a guide and instead took a free-hand approach.

“You name it, I’ve done it,” Clara said.

Her favorite project is a set of placemats she stitched and gave to her daughter to be used by her grandchildren. In fact, all of her grandkids have been given a variety of objects created by Clara.

“It keeps me interested,” Clara said noting that it takes her about three days to create a cover for a large Bible.

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